German Nutcrackers
Christmas Smokers
Stein/Barware Catalog
$9.99 Shipping on All Orders
German Nutcrackers
Christmas Smokers
Stein/Barware Catalog
$9.99 Shipping on All Orders

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Each year we travel to Germany to work directly with the finest German artisans who supply the classic handmade items we offer at the very best prices. Our German craftspeople and their ancestors have been creating quality traditional pieces for more than 400 years!

Papier Mache
Porcelain & Wax

New Arrivals

"Christmas at Heart" 2021 Annual Ornament by Inge Glas of Germany
  • $94.00
Ace of Hearts by Inge Glas of Germany
  • $24.00
Small Angel Silver
  • $25.00
Gold Flower, Red Beads
  • $26.50
Red Star, gold center
  • $26.50
Small Red Angel by Resl Lenz
  • $25.50
Double Layer Crown Ornament by Resl Lenz
  • $26.00
#9/12 Ladies Dancing
  • $32.50

Gettysburg Store

13 Baltimore St.


January Hours: 10-5 Daily,

10-7 Fridays/Saturdays (1st 2 weekends only)

February & March Hours:

10-5 Daily

April & May Hours:

10-5 Daily, 10-7 Fridays/Saturdays

June - October 16th Hours:

10-7 Daily, 10-9 Fridays/Saturdays

Starting Oct 17th 2023: Daily 10-9 thru Dec 31

Closed Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter and New Year's Day


Gettysburg Chocolate Market

Open Daily

January thru April 30

Sunday-Thursday open 10am - 7pm

Friday and Saturday open 10am - 9pm

May thru December

7 Days a Week open 10 am - 9pm

Next to the Christmas Haus Gettysburg Store

New Oxford Store

110 Lincoln Way West


Open 7 Days a Week 10AM-5PM

Closed Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter and New Year's Day


The Christmas Haus and the Gettysburg Chocolate Market have been raising money to help the people of Ukraine survive as they push back on the Russian invaders. At the Chocolate Market we created the Kiev Cake Latte where 100% of the proceeds are being given to these efforts. We also have been accepting donations from customers. Today I was able to send in $5208 to this organization helping the Ukrainian people directly. the bulk of the money was from the 768 Live Cake Lattes that were sold. Please know we will continue to support Ukraine financially with your help. Please come in and order a Kiev Cake Latte knowing 100% of what you pay goes to help the Ukrainian people. You may also go to both The Christmas Haus locations (Gettysburg and New Oxford) or the Gettysburg Chocolate Market to make donation in cash or check. Thank you to all for your generosity and support.

Or Donate Directly Here

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If you're looking for authentic German Christmas items that you don't see listed here, please email us. We'll do our very best to help you!
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