Greiner-Perth Glaskunst

The first known mention of the Greiner family as glass blowers is around 1450 in Baiereck in the Schurwald (district of Esslingen).

First recognized in 1597, the Greiner-Perth name was officially created in 1750. To this day, the business has stayed in the family. Located in Rielasingen in Thuringia, Germany, this small family glass blower creates amazing items through mouth blown techniques.

In 1920, Erich Greiner-Perth takes over glass blowing for his father Roland, In 1946 the workshop is moved to a room at the Falken Inn. In 1954 the company relocated to their new building at Schnaidholzstr. 10, the headquarters of the Greiner-Perth glass blowing company. In 1987, Detlef Greiner-Perth takes over after the death of his father.