Hausdörfer Glas Manufaktur

Located in Haselbach, the small village over the mountain from Lauscha, where German glass blowing began in 1597, Hausdörfer Glas Manufaktur is a small family workshop. Son Mario says, "I am a fifth generation ornament maker. I grew up as a child learning about how the ornaments are made. It takes great precision and patience to make these ornaments. I probably started when I was four years old, watching my dad, and by 15, I was blowing glass." The Hausdörfer workshop has the use of over 1,000 different molds - some dating back at least 80 years and others newly created each year.


Mario Hausdörfer blowing glass, Roger Lund, owner of The Christmas Haus with Mario's father Gerd blowing glass, Mario's mother Karin silvering the insides of freshly-blown ornaments, and Mario and Roger in the Hausdörfer Glas Manufaktur workshop.