Kleinkunst aus dem Erzgebirge® Müller GmbH

Ringo Müller's family-run workshop in Seiffen is one of our finest woodworking partners. Fourth-generation Ringo and his family take pride in continuing what their great-grandfather Edmund Oswald Müller started in 1899.

Müller's style is very different from others in that he uses dozens of different wood types and then stains them to create the color and texture that makes his pieces so unique. He uses paint very sparingly.

Another feature of Müller's work is his attention to detail. A single gift box on a schwibbogen or candle arch is made of 7 different pieces of wood. His smallest figures can have as many as 20 different pieces to them.

While a little more contemporary that most woodworkers from Seiffen, Ringo Müller's designs are certainly heirlooms of tomorrow.