Nostalgie Christmas ornaments are manufactured in the old tradition of craftsmanship such as artisans did it a 100 years ago. The precious, mouth-blown Christmas ornaments are made just like at the beginning of the 19th Century in Thuringia in restored original old molds, affectionately hand-painted, patinated and topped with stylish iron caps in the proper traditional style. The Christmas tree decorations and manufacturing methods are derived from the old Thuringian glass-blowing tradition at Lauscha. The forms originate from the collection of a traditional glass-blowing family, which is active in the third Generation already. Each mold has been carefully restored and is a work of art. With our tree ornaments you give your tree a special Christmas splendor! Collectors' hearts will beat faster, as many old decorations ornaments are now being manufactured in the nostalgic style and can be purchased at an affordable price.